Special Election January 28, 2003

Elections Calendar

November 19, 2002 Voters' Pamphlet Filing Deadline
December 14, 2002 Ballots mailed to long-term absent electors (overseas and military)
December 30, 2002 Ballots mailed to out-of-state electors
January 2-4, 2003 Voters' Pamphlets mailed
January 7, 2003 Voter Registration Deadline
January 10-14, 2003 Ballots mailed (other than long-term and out-of state)

Campaign Finance

Schedule of Accounting Periods and Filing Deadlines for Political Committees active at the 2003 January Special Election

Voters' Guides

Online Voters' Guide

Guía del Elector en español, en línea (Spanish Online Voters' Guide)

Election Results and Statistics

Official Results

Official Voter Registration and Turnout Statistics


* Revised February 26, 2003*

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